Today I am starting my 8th round of treatment. I have chemo infusion today and tomorrow, and my 24th and final scheduled treatment will be one week from today, on June 7th.

I have mixed emotions about this part of my journey being over. My body is ready for a break, as in many ways I’ve had about as much as I can physically take. But mentally I have some anxiety about stopping the thing that has been presumably keeping the cancer in check.

My doc says this is a normal and common fear.

I also had my CA-125 levels tested today as I do every three weeks. Mark and I were both nervous about it, so we were especially relieved to learn that I had experienced another incremental drop in my cancer marker protein levels.

Grafted out, here’s how my progression looks on paper:

My decreases may have slowed significantly, but the levels are still moving in the right direction.

Today we talked about next steps. We have to wait at least 30 days after my final treatment to do follow up testing. I go in July 11th for labwork and CT scans, then meet with my oncologist to find out whether or not the treatment worked. What we’ll be hoping for is a report of NED, No Evidence of Disease.

We’ll pretty much be on pins and needles until then, but trying to stay in the present and not project too far into the future.

This little muffin makes it easy to stay grounded and present most of the time:

But she is also a big part of the reason we really, really, really hope that this treatment proves to be successful.

Maggie will be six months old tomorrow. I can’t believe half a year has transpired since she came into the world that evening. Even harder to believe, she starts a part-time Montessori program tomorrow.

I’ll be there on her first day, and I hope to be there on many, many more “first” days to come.

Thanks to you all for continuing to follow our journey and to offer so much unwavering love, support and encouragement. My cup truly runneth over.

I’m also still writing a weekly column for The Stir on It usually posts on Wednesdays if you’d like to follow it. Here’s the latest one:

Love and gratitude,

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