10476051_10152284289704220_8753406812125174823_oI recently had the pleasure of helping produce a live staged reading of women survivors talking about their second acts. The production closed out last month’s Second Annual National Women’s Survivors Convention in Nashville. Along with a dozen other women, I talked about how I am using the second chance I’ve been given. A video of my story can be found here, and a link to all of the survivor videos can be found here. It was an incredibly rewarding experience and I was honored to have been in the company of so many strong, brave women!

One Thought on “My Second Act

  1. Dear Joanna,
    Your spirit of determination takes my breath away for you have truly found the secret to life that many have searched for! My prayers are with you as you travel your journey of peace and joy, for you now know what is required for a happy life!

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